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Stencil Typeface

Although Factory Records and The Haçienda cease to exist, it still has left an indelible mark in Manchester culture and history. This music movement was the first to ever to introduce DJs into a nightclub, they realised that they didn't have to have bands in a nightclub to have music. 

The bands they represented like Joy Division, The Durutti Column, New Order and Happy Mondays, were imperious in their sonic approach, but Factory Records was in many ways recognised by its radical aesthetic as much it was by its musical output.

This current project is a celebration for what Factory Records has given us, so this is my interpretation of the somewhat overlooked aesthetics and ideas that represented Factory Records.

The 'Other Two' piece on top of this page was designed by Des Colin Taylor & Michael Worthinton at Studio DM 1991, for one of the Factory nightclubs nights in Manchester. 

This is a piece created to look as though it were an architects drawing. Being inspired by this modernist design, I wanted to interpret this design piece by creating a typeface.

This typeface was then applied onto a quote inspired by a silver plaque that was nail in the main entrance of The Haçienda back in its heyday. 

Before everyone had walked into the club they would all read, 


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