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Put into random groups, we were assigned to choose a theme, and design a magazine from scratch.

We based our book on new hobbyists, for those looking for a different past-time, encouraging people to start upcycling, a habit of re-purposing your object for something else.

We had established in this book that instead of throwing away your possessions, take them apart so that you can give your object a new function.

For instance, we converted a coffee pot into a fish tank, a TV into a pin-hole camera, and a speaker into a desk organiser.

My role in this brief was to layout the content in the magazine but to also design the front cover.

The risographed fluro pink only appears when the red sleeve is taken off, this play on visuals mirrors the content inside, because it is a grand reveal as to what possibilities lay inside of these objects. The speaker and TV on the cover are also the objects featured in the magazine. 

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