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Haçienda Typeface

Carrying on from the Factory Records brief, I was also inspired by Ben Kelly’s stripes in the interior space of The Haçienda.

These famous industrial stripes have been the inspiration of such artists Peter Saville, Raf Simons and Virgil Abloh and these recognisable diagonal stripes have been featured in their designs. The whole branding scheme for Off-White for instance is based off of these very stripes. Moreover, Peter Saville, the co-founder of Factory also branded Manchester club nights, solely on these simple stripes. 


I took it upon myself to use this opportunity to create a typeface using these stripes, an opportunity that I think Peter Saville had missed out back in the heyday of the Haçienda. 

'Share the Ecstasy' is tagline used by Tony Wilson among his circle of friends during the days of The Haçienda. 

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